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Brake Caliper Painting

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We paint your brake calipers in our workshop using professional paints, high strength and high shine , we can also add a logo of your choice.

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fixing repair rusty wheel hubs

Wheel Hub Repair

Fix those Rusty Wheel Hubs :)

We can repair and treat those rusty / rusted and corroded wheel hubs. We refinish wheel hubs in a zinc rich coating to prevent the rust from coming back.

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Other Services

Wheel Repair / Painting

Brake Caliper Decals

Full Car Respray

We can also perform other work on your vehicle , we can repair or respray allow heels, we can respray a whole car if needed . We also make brake caliper decals for your d.i.y projects and much more just Ask.

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Common Questions

How long does the painted finish last ?

Most 2 pack painted finishes if done correctly last 10 or more years. Paint life depends of how well its looked after , the natural UV rays from the sun is what eventualy breaks the paint down.

How long does it take to paint my brake calipers ?

It takes between 3 to 4 hours to paint the brake calipers , provided there is no unexpected setbacks.

Do you paint the calipers on the car or do you remove them

We only paint brake calipers which are on the car , while attached to the car, we do not remove them. Please scroll further down to the next section to learn why we dont remove them

Will Painting my Calipers void my new car warranty

Because we do not alter anything mechanically or change any of the brake components , the caliper painting should not void your warranty. We recommend checking with your warranty provider just to be sure , advise them that nothing will be removed just adding colour.

How much does it cost

We have a fast online quoting system so you can get a quick price right now - Click Here.

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Why we dont remove the brake calipers from the car

Unlike some of our competitors who may remove and dismantle brake systems and claim its benefits, we dont recommend having anyone other than an authorized mechanic remove or dismantle your modern brake system.

We paint brake calipers while they are still attached to the car.
We do not remove the brake calipers or any braking system parts off the car .

Our method ensures a great visual result without impacting anyones warranty
Best of all we leave your braking system untouched mechanically to ensure the safety of you and your family.

We highly recommend all customers to read our terms page to understand exactly the expectations of what you are getting CLICK HERE FOR TERMS

Why Paint Your Brake Calipers

reasons why you should paint the calipers

Restored / Painted brake calipers are a great compliment for any car.
Painted brake calipers can emphasise the nice alloy wheels you have and create a subtle and well noticeable look for the car.

Having your brake calipers professionaly painted means that you are getting a 3 stage process, Primer , Colour and Clear Coating.
Unlike some mods , painting your brake calipers is a subtle and classy modification , when done using the right choice of colour it can make a massive difference to the overall appearance of the vehicle.

There are many colour combinations that need to be concidered when painting your brake calipers and we can provide you some examples of what works well.
Visit our Image Gallery and Decals pages for some good ideas

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