Why we paint Brake Calipers ?

Truth is we just plain enjoy cars, driving them and looking at them. We take pleasure in minor details. We like to give our customers choice when it comes to the colour or decal of the brake calipers. We also offer professional advise on colour combinations when painting brake calipers. Having a graphic design background does help when selecting colour matches and we can advise you best on what will work.

A little bit more about us ?

Easy Calipers started out as a mobile service painting brake calipers for friends and family , after experimenting with different preparation methods and decal styles the idea for a workshop was born, over the years we have upgraded paint systems and import our vinyl for logos from Germany, which is high heat and highly resistant material, we always strive for the best possible finish at Easy Calipers.


We do not remove the calipers or any brake lines We paint the brake calipers while they are still attached to the car

Custom Colours and Spray Painting

We can paint almost any colour , we have a full MIPA paint system allowing us to match and mix an amazing array of colours, from pearls to metallics and everything in between. Just ask us about your next project.