The break caliper painting story

The entire idea to paint brake calipers started in a friends garage around 2010. Working on hands and knees we were painting the brake calipers on a Xr5 turbo hatch. We realised tha no one really offered a service to paint your brake calipers and decided to put an add on gumtree.

Once the business got moving we realised the most important thing was going to be the quality of the work and the customer service.

To ensure long paint life for the brake caliper painting work we sourced a MIPA german made paint system.
We also put in processes to wrap the entire car in plastic for the work to avoid any overspray.

Once people started requesting brake caliper logos/decals on their brake calipers we sourced a roland vinyl cutter and all the required materials to be able to make our own brake caliper logos.

Break Caliper Paint Upgrade

We recently upgraded to a German made paint system ( MIPA ), the mipa break caliper painting system allows us to make over 3000 colours including metallic and pearl brake caliper paint colours.

The range of 2k brake caliper paint is a very good film thickness and provides your car with the best possible durability and depth of colour.

Unique Break Caliper Painting

Why not try something unique and custom when it comes to painting your brake calipers , the options can include different types of finishes or even a custom font logo or writing.